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Music on this site is available for licensing.

For the following tracks, please license directly from SATV Publishing (Lucky G catalogue)

And type Fiona Taylor into the youtube link bar (!)

  • African Strangeness (renamed Buffalo Grass Breeze)
  • Living By Water (renamed Faerie Queen)
  • Floating In Water (renamed Petals On Water)
  • Closed Mind (renamed Closed Mind)
  • Bitter Sweet (renamed Foula)
  • Ants At Work (renamed Green Earth)
  • Aspiration (renamed Roof of the World)
  • African Queen of Trees (renamed Queen of Trees)
  • Sacrificial Gift (renamed Haven of Thoughts)
  • Sunny Courage (renamed Stately Seat)
  • Quiet Wonder (renamed Wash of Air)
  • Secret Breakout (renamed Winters Grasp)
  • Positive Outcomes
  • Angel Secrets (renamed Voices Through The Mist)