Most of the music I have written specifically to film doesn’t (yet) have permissions to appear on my website. So I decided to make my own film. Apologies to the serious filmmakers out there…. this was just footage to showcase the music. However, I also had a lot of fun filming insects in my back garden this summer, and then scoring the music to support the movements and emotion on screen.

I’m wondering whether the marimba-playing fly is a first? (3 minutes 15 seconds)



FISCH charity video

I wrote the music for this FISCH video working to a brief written by someone with a beautiful use of language, and a passionate and poetic feel for the work. FISCH stands for ‘Future for Iringa Street Children’, (a fantastic charity providing the children of Iringa, Tanzania, with a hope and a future). Here are some of the descriptions contained in the brief:

“distinctly African, upbeat, celebratory”

“Something that captures the essence of the freedom of Africa, how there is no roof to the world there, the relentless blaze of the sun, it’s hot, it’s full of colour and sounds and smells and sights you cannot believe. A world of friendliness, hospitality, mystery, wonder, liberty, grassroots essentials, promise”.

I remember feeling very happy as I was working on it!