Announcing – Dungeons and Decibels!

I play Dungeons and Dragons! I’m a Level 7 cleric and have been on some awesome campaigns over the years.

So, when I had the opportunity to contribute music for Billy Coldwell’s new Dungeons and Decibels app (just launched in the App store), I leapt at it.

My brief was three 3 minute loops for ‘Exploration – Exciting’ which required music for ‘General exploration underscore, needs to have a bit more energy, like on the edge of discovering something wondrous or surprising.’ So I created some ambient textures, with a few sound design features, and built it as if from a tool kit, placing the features in like a collage.

But then, just at the last minute, I flung in a quick combat battle track. Writing it was tricky – the music had to have relentless energy and big orchestration for at least 4 minutes before looping. I actually found it exhausting to write, every bar had to be just packed with rhythm and drive.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 17.29.54.png

Feeling proud that my track was used for its promotional video, which begins with the pitfalls of using the wrong music, followed by a re-run if the new Dungeons and Decibels app had been to hand!

Scoring a fly playing marimba!

This summer, I spent a lot of time watching and filming insects in my garden. (A short excerpt is below, followed by the full film, ‘Insects’).

The part I enjoyed most was scoring the 15 second sequence of a fly on a flower, playing marimba. First it is approached by another fly (ominous French horns over a pedal bass). It raises its wings defensively (tremolando violins), fends off an attack (timpani roll), wipes its feet (hands?) together gleefully (violin pizzicato), then resumes its marimba playing while also continuing wiping its hands of its attacker.

Perhaps a little too much anthropomorphism?